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Older logos of Radiant Engineering and Sun Craft

Established in 1979 as Suncraft Inc., the company initially specialized in solar energy. Within a few years, Suncraft Appropriate Energy Alternatives, Inc. was pioneering radiant floor heating systems across Montana, and this focus for the business was reflected in the name change to Radiant Engineering, Inc. in 1996.

Logo of Radiant Engineering Inc

As the company grew, Radiant Engineering hired engineering graduates from Montana State University and partnered with the world’s best manufacturers of energy efficient boilers, components and controls. Radiant’s engineers and technicians trained continually to keep up with new products and technology, with the goal of offering highly reliable heating systems for residential, commercial, and governmental clients.


In 1995, Radiant Engineering patented the ThermoFin extruded aluminum heat transfer plate.

Radiant Engineering thermofin heat transfer plate samples

RADIANT has also developed new methods for prefabricating mechanical systems for custom projects and has advanced industrial standards for performance in radiant floor heating systems. RADIANT'S President, Dale Pickard, is a well-known specialist in hydronics who has developed practical solutions to move the field forward.

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A university education in cell biology and an inquiring mind sent Dale down a path that included greenhouse design, solar energy and energy efficiency concepts. He founded the company, originally named “SunCraft,” as a way to make a living while pursuing his further education in engineering and design. He became an energy expert, inventor and businessman along the way. When he’s not working on a new database or product for RADIANT, he is passionate about cycling, hiking, cross country skiing, philosophy, the natural world and his two Irish Water Spaniels, Josephine and Cosmo (see below).





Pat studied industrial technologies in college, and also earned an associate’s degree in HVAC. In part, his interest in the trades comes from his dad, who was a pipe-fitter. He provides technical support, quotes, and custom hydronic system kits.  Pat is trained and proficient in MicroStation CAD and loves drafting and design. He is enthusiastic about the great outdoors, getting out to camp, fish, and hunt with his family and friends as much as he can.  Fort Peck and Canyon Ferry are favorite destinations. Working on his house is another “hobby” that fills his weekends.


JOSEPHINE & COSMO are the office greeters. They are Irish Water Spaniels (not poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs, labra-doodles nor golden-doodles). The breed is known as the “clown” of the spaniel family, and these two will give you a “howdy” if you extend your hand when you meet them at RADIANT.

Cosmic Ozmo Compels You!

Cosmic Ozmo Compels You!

Josie Bean At Your Service

Josie Bean At Your Service